Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Town of Highlands, NY

A Highlands view. The Town of Highlands includes Fort Montgomery, part of Bear Mountain, The Village of Highland Falls, and part of West Point. It sits on the left bank of the Hudson River across from Garrison, New York.

Great hikes! The Fort Montgomery Museum is just steps away. There are trails over and under bridges with magnificent views. These stone steps were handmade by Eddie Walsh of The NYNJ Trail Conference

The area is filled with historic markers.

I should take a guided tour of West Point someday.

A barber and a cadet explain the types of haircuts a cadet is allowed to have. As long as it's well-clipped around the ears, the hair can be as long as three inches. Cadets who have springy hair and or cowlicks prefer longer hair so it looks neat. Most get the shortest cut possible for summer.

Haircuts were not mandatory during the revolution. Why are these guys so upset? Those pesky British have arrived. The Fort Montgomery Museum is great, and the admission is free. There are also films, lots of guns and swords.

The True Value Hardware on main street got a lot of phone orders while I was there.

This Hardware store once housed an old theatre on the upper floor and an apothecary on the main floor. It's been a hardware store for many decades.

Although they're just across the street from one another, the two store owners get along very well and share customers.

The Rose hardware Store has been on Main Street since 1906.

A little hardware close up for you know who. Oooh! nails!

The Rose Hardware store once had toy department that included little pedal cars and bicycles back in the old days when such things were ordered especially for a child's birthday

Hannibal The Mule is West Point's beloved mascot. He's often decorated with laurel leaves.

Ice Cream on Main Street.

Many small motels in the area, stopping here for more than a day is a good idea since there are so many sites to see and gorgeous hiking opportunities.
The Half Moon is a very significant symbol in the area. It was the name of Henry Hudson's ship.

John Burroughs taught and wrote here in Highlands. Not surprising that he found the area incredibly beautiful. It is still amazing today.

Yesterday was hot and sunny, so I was glad for the shady spots and many blossoms.

Town Hall is across the street from the Post Office.

Highland Falls is easy to walk around and you can get free tour maps at The Village Hall.

This was the first person I ran into when I got into town. He was very nice.

A house on Parry Street

The Museum at West Point is really amazing. They have one of the largest collections of military arms, uniforms, & badges in the world.