Saturday, May 2, 2009

Peekskill Part Three

Peekskill had just the right mix of building styles and the right mix of people~ friendly people, smart people, people who seemed hopeful and enthusiastic.

The economy has not hurt Peekskill as much as many other places further upstate. It's still a vibrant town, although it is constantly changing and not afraid to face a struggle. Some of the restored Victorians were multi-family dwellings, but I'm not sure about this one. It looks like a single family home. See the friendly dog on the upper porch?

I can't go inside kitchen supply stores because I always end up buying something I don't need.

Although it was a weekday, and many streets were under construction, I was able to get lots of snaps--many times people (even in cars) would pause, wave, say hello, or wait for me to take a picture before moving in front of the camera. I'm used to people walking right into the frame so the polite factor surprised me a little. This professional block was quiet ~ occupied by lawyers, doctors, accountants, dentists. Not a party block.

A closer view. I took way too many pictures of this building. The Guardian building was built in 1905.

Down by the river. Since this place is being renovated, I didn't get to find out if the wedges were potato wedges, bread wedges, pizza wedges... or little triangular sandwiches? Any wedge experts out there?

Peekskill High. Check out other Peekskill High Schools.

See the demolition pictures of the old Peekskill High School on Ringgold Street.