Friday, May 8, 2009

Jeffersonville NY

Defunct junk shop in Jeffersonville.

Ted's Restaurant, the pharmacy, and Jeff Hardware.

Not sure what this is, new shops and cafes come and go in Jeffersonville pretty quickly.

The town has a great hydropowered radio station though ~ WJFF 90.5 fm.

Coming to the Catskill airwaves on Friday, May 22nd through Saturday, May 23rd,~~~ WJFF celebrates Bob Dylan's 68th Birthday! Click Here for a typical listening day on WJFF ~ my favorite station in the Catskills.

Jeffersonville Library (part of the Ramapo Catskill System that serves four counties.) I like the convenience ~ I can check out a book in Jeffersonville and return it at any library in the system.