Monday, May 4, 2009

Peekskill Part Five

I spotted this tiny old diner and ended up going inside several times that day.

I wanted to get some shots of the interior without many people. It was never completely empty-- and at lunchtime it was packed.

The owner showed me a photo from approx. 1959 or 1960. Not much has changed. (I didn't take his picture, but the owner is quite handsome, by the way-- kind of a Greek David Strathairn.)

In the late afternoon I had a burger there. I studied the menu, and I'd definitely eat there again.

I love a hilly place with odd nooks. Peekskill was filled with nooks and hills.

I think there were about 5 or 6 cranes busy that day.

I walked past this Civil War monument and kept going until I realized I'd wandered out of Peekskill and looped around to go back. I was motivated to keep going by the pleasantness of the day and things to see ahead.

Afternoon school bus. Comic strip character Little Lulu grew up in a gabled house in Peekskill, NY. But I believe that she and her friend Tubby walked to school.

Morning ~ empty (post commute time) Beeline bus.

Fun Fact: Peekskill's sister city is Castlebar, Ireland.
Strange Fact: I'd been to Castlebar Ireland many times before I ever went to Peekskill-- which is a lot closer.
Boring Fact: I still wear those grey corduroy pants I bought at the Tesco in Castlebar--but only in winter.
Fact: Both places are pretty and I'm glad they're siblings.
Gaelic Fact: Castle Bar is actually Caisleán an Bharraigh = Castle of the Barry's.
Another Fact: Sister Cities were created to foster global friendships and awareness.
Little Lulu Fact: Wilber Van Snobbe was the rich kid who tormented Lulu and Tubby.