Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Peekskill Week Part Seven

City Hall was surrounded by large modern buildings.

Some of the newer buildings looked interesting ~ Barham House (architect: Stuart Markowitz.)

Interior: Baxter's Pharmacy. It's like time travel. Men's Needs and Elastics.

Eagle Building ~ 1898 ~ and still standing.

Old calendar at The Peekskill Coffee House in the Flatiron Building.

Firehouse on Main Street

Main Street

Street under construction ~ amazingly everyone was polite about it.

More time travel ~ interior of The Treat Station. A sweet shop and toy store.

Main Street near Decatur

The Evening Star Building

walking by in the morning...

and later in the afternoon.

Street scene ~ Center Street

There was a shocking lack of street art, but what I did find was interesting and fun. This guys face mask says "this is only a test" over & over again, (referring to the emergency broadcast system and the nuclear power plant at Indian Point.)

View from Route 202