Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rain Rain Rain & Rain, Plus Rain.

This week was very rainy, but my friend Nora and I managed to enjoy a 179 acre park just around the corner from her house. Owned in the early 1900s by the well-known movie producer Adolph Zukor, this park in New City offers a fitness trail, hiking trails, horseback riding, a horse corral, nature study, soccer, and cross-country skiing.

I had never heard of a rain garden, but have planted things like this in times of drought. I'd never thought about using the technique in flood prone areas.

The reason we walked over to the park was this bit of blue sky. We figured we might have an hour of sun to frolic in.


To see a great map of the park click here!

We started off jogging, but there were slippy muddy patches, so we walked.

It's a lovely trail, very well marked and maintained, and there are optional exercise stations (the exercises are easy, so it's fun.) We did the ten jumping jacks but it began to thunder. We opted to stay on the trail and just get wet. Of course we were thoroughly drenched. (It was worth it, but note to self: buy rain togs for hiking!)

Although Rockland County is New York's smallest county, it is just loaded with all types of parkland. Kennedy Dells and Monsey Glen are two places that are gems, and most people don't even know about these two lovely wooded parks.

Wildlife is plentiful in these parks, so it isn't hard to spot Deer, Rabbits, Raccoon, Squirrel, Groundhog, Chipmunk, Hawks... you may also see or hear or smell Skunk, Woodpeckers, Crows, Thrush, Warblers, Vireo, Pigeon, Doves, Canada Geese, Woodcock, Mallard Duck, Fox, Owls, Porcupine & Beaver.

A pretty place, with pretty trails, sports fields, and a working farm uses one area for crops. Plans for the future at Kennedy Dells includes an arboretum, more gardens, and more guided hiking trails.

A wonderful place to picnic and spend time with friends~ Check it out the next time you're passing through Rockland County.