Sunday, June 7, 2009

Neversink & Bittersweet

The Village of Neversink, NY in the 1920s.

The Villages of Neversink and Bittersweet, New York were situated between the Village of Liberty and Grahamsville (near the junction of Rt. 55 and 105) There were orchards, farms, schoolhouses, churches, general stores, barber shops, dressmakers, a bowling alley, tavern, and other businesses. For summer residents there were boarding houses, an ice cream parlour, a casino, and restaurants. Square dances were held year-round and people came from far away to attend these, as they were famous for attracting the best fiddlers and other musicians. Neversink even had its own brass band.

Today a reservoir sits where the villages were.

You''ll have to use your imagination to see what lies beneath.