Thursday, April 15, 2010

Where I Usually Walk

One of my favorite places to walk --across the Popolopen Creek footbridge and over to Fort Montgomery from Bear Mtn. State Park. I could hike all day at Bear Mtn. several times a week--there are so many trails, plus museums, the zoo, fishing areas, the tower, the Tiffany Elk, bridges, a beautiful Merry Go Round, and interesting people from all over the world visit the park. I'm always asked if I can take a photo of a group or a couple. The drive is only a little more than a half hour, so I can just go without much preparation.

Tallman Mountain State Park is nice if I only have a hour or so to walk. It's less than ten minutes away by car.

Rockland Lake State Park is less than 4 minutes away-- and people are always walking there. The path around the Lake is about 3 miles and if you stop and stand still, you see a lot of wildlife.

I watched this heron catch a fish and do some stunt flying a few days ago.