Saturday, September 26, 2009

White Sulphur Springs

Formerly called Robertsonville, this village was renamed ~ since White Sulphur Springs in West Virginia was a spa, it sounded good, and at the time many villages were being renamed to try and glam up the place and lure more tourists ( nearby Stevensville became Swan Lake. ) No one seems to know where the white springs are or if they ever had enough sulphur in them to qualify as a healing spa environment. But the area is beautiful and the mountains and valleys offer their own healing properties. The place to be in WSS is Green's Grocery Store, which is connected to the P.O. If you're a local and have a special food need, Green's will make sure to stock it just for you.

There are a couple of churches, a garage and a fire dept. building where special fund raising suppers are held.

It's a nice little community located on State Route # 52 between Loomis and Youngsville.