Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mourning Dove

We see eagles and owls and all sorts of birds, but the mourning doves are so sweet, laid back, and goofy at times. I really like the mourning doves.

This shot is from a few weeks back during a Nor'Easter blizzard. Afterwards we had a week of 50 degree sunny weather, massive snow melt in some areas of the Catskills, followed by incredible rains (another Nor' Easter.) This all seems very "spring is just around the corner" as dramatic Nor' Easters wrap up the winter season. I like the visuals the storms produce, the colors, the clouds, and the dramatic sounds. As kids my sisters and I loved Nor' Easters and had to be pried away from windows by our parents. We always managed to get outside in the wonderful messy wetness of it--to feel the power of nature (before being dragged back inside by frightened parents.) Then there was always the excitement of a big tree falling (or once, a big piece of a building flying down the street. --what was that? It looked like a roof! ) Who needs TV when there's a storm to watch?

And when it's over you hear the exquisite calm and the birdsong, led by the cooing of the mourning dove.

Nor'Easter - a low pressure area whose center of rotation is just off the East Coast. As it spins, barreling winds rotate onto land from the northeast. Can bring snow, rain, ice or a mix of all three.