Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Monroe, NY

Early morning at the millpond. Some serious joggers were out, in their little thinsulate outfits, but I was wearing a dress and heels (and a coat of course) -- I just walked around town a little bit. The morning air was fresh, cold, invigorating.

The library wasn't open yet. Not many people were out. It was breezy and maybe 23 degrees.

Had an appointment in Monroe, so I thought I'd check out the downtown area.

I stopped at nearby Woodbury Commons ~ an outdoor outlet mall. Not many people were there and everything was drastically reduced, which was great for those who braved the chill to come out.. It warmed up about ten degrees so it was fine going in and out of shops. I was thinking how I enjoy going there in winter simply because it is outdoors and uncrowded.