Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Stone Arch Bridge

In 1952 this bridge that sits between Jeffersonville and Kenoza Lake New York, was designated a historic site. It is the last stone arch bridge (of its type) left in the United States. A few other famous stone arch bridges survived, but most were so well located for local travel, that the modern highways followed the route and replaced them.

The bridge is worth visiting and there are nice hiking paths -- you can enjoy a short ramble ( there's also a park for picnicking and grilling, and a playground.)

Well situated for a country drive, you will pass the bridge driving from Jeffersonville to Callicoon, or from Narrowsburg to Jeffersonville. It is also on the way to Honesdale, PA. which has an old fashioned downtown full of shops, is very pedestrian friendly, has a good farmer's market, and the anthracite coal museum. Callicoon has an old art deco cinema still in operation and many good restaurants, antique shops, and friendly locals. Narrowsburg is famous for the eagles that nest in the area and are seen soaring over the little town. Wherever you're headed, be sure to stop at the bridge.

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On this particular bridge, a murder was committed due to a long standing feud between two men. One man claimed to have put a curse, or hex on another, and frequently taunted him publicly about it. Whenever any bad luck came his way, the supposedly cursed man was gossiped about, and some people began to feel he was cursed. Finally, it became unbearable for the cursed man and he killed the man who had set a hex upon his family --on this bridge.